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肝結節 liver nodule
醫學百科辭典 醫學名詞 肝結節 liver nodule 通常是指以影像檢查肝臟,例如超音波或是電腦斷層攝影,發現的腫塊,是一種影像檢查結果的名詞,而不是真正組織病理的診斷。 相關新聞
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喉乳頭狀瘤(laryngeal papillomatosis)亦稱為複發性呼吸道乳頭狀瘤(recurrent respiratory papillomatosis)或聲門狀乳頭狀瘤(glottal papillomatosis)或與尖銳濕疣相關,是一種罕見病(每100,000名成人中有2人,每100,000名兒童中有4.5人),[1] 由喉嚨的人類乳突病毒(HPV)感染所引起的。
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solitary pulmonary nodule的中文意思
nodule: n. 小結;小瘤;【生物學】小結節;【醫學】結核,瘤;【地質學;地理學】巖球,礦瘤。 ※英文詞彙solitary pulmonary nodule在字典百科英英字典中的解釋。
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8.Hard fixed nodule 惡性機會高,但良性的 Colloid nodule 也可能因鈣化而變硬。9. 淋巴腺腫大也是惡性的象徵。10. 喉返神經的麻痺也是惡性瘤侵犯神經的表現,食道氣管的壓迫癥狀也是惡性的現象。 (二)診 …
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類風濕性關節炎 影像之鑑別 , definition of Rheumatoid arthritis, RA 類風濕性關節炎 Rheumatoid arthritis 文 / 李彥鋒,蘇奕綾,楊富翔,李逸瑋 定義 類風濕性關節炎(Rheumatoid arthritis,RA),是一種由自身免疫障礙引致免疫系統攻擊關節的長期慢性炎癥。
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[醫學筆記] 到底是頭暈還是眩暈..Orz 頭暈是非常常見的主訴 , 涵蓋了相當多疾病 . 因此 , 我們把常見的頭暈分成四大類之後 , 可以讓這種非特異的癥狀變的較有特異性 , 增加我們鑑別診斷的速度 .
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Nodules: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments

30/9/2019 · A nodule feels like a hard lump in the skin. It’s often visible. Depending on where the nodule is located and its cause, additional symptoms may be present. For example: A nodule on the thyroid
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Aschoff nodule
Aschoff nodule: A small granulomatous lesion composed of macrophages, lymphocytes and multinucleated giant cells, which surrounds pale eosinophilic collagenous material, classically seen in rheumatic fever-related myocarditis.
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14/3/2011 · Liver is normal in echogenicity. A 2cm ( amended ) well defined hyperechoic mass noted in the right lobe of liver. Billary tree is not dilated. Portal vein flow direction is normal. Murphy’s sign negative.Pancreatic head , tail is obscured . Spleen is not enlarged. Kidneys a 1.2cm well defined hyperechoic nodule noted in the right lower pole. Graded compression of the bowel loops on the right
Thyroid gland vector. Healthy thyroid and gland with nodule. vector medical illustration in flat style.
Thyroid Nodules
21/9/2020 · Thyroid ultrasound is a key tool for thyroid nodule evaluation. It uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain a picture of the thyroid. This very accurate test can easily determine if a nodule is solid or fluid filled (cystic), and it can determine the precise size of the
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Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
A solitary pulmonary nodule is defined as a discrete lesion < 3 cm in diameter that is completely surrounded by lung parenchyma (ie, does not touch the hilum, mediastinum, or pleura) and is without associated atelectasis or pleural effusion. (Evaluation of a mediastinal mass is discussed elsewhere.)
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新光醫院 急診醫學科 病例說明 68歲男性,忽然呼吸喘合併呼吸窘迫,由緊急醫療救護車送至醫院就醫,病人意識清楚,血壓偏高,平時因為高血壓在診所就醫,病人也抽菸。
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